Bayern Munich Eyeing Schalke's Assan Ouédraogo as Summer Target

In an intriguing report by Sky Sports, it has been revealed that European giants Bayern Munich have turned their attention towards the talented Schalke midfielder, Assan Ouédraogo. The 17-year-old prodigy, who has displayed impressive performances in every game for the Blues in the 2.Bundesliga this season, has become a hot topic among prestigious clubs such as Brighton & Hove Albion and Manchester City. Particularly noteworthy is Brighton’s reputation for nurturing and investing in young talents, which should make the footballing world take notice of their interest.

Football Talent Scout, a reputable website in talent identification, draws interesting comparisons between Ouédraogo and a young Thiago Alcântara. This comparison highlights the young Schalke midfielder’s immense potential and promises a bright future for him. Sky reports that Ouédraogo is determined to play in the Bundesliga next season, indicating that a departure from Schalke seems likely due to the club’s current downward trajectory. Fascinatingly, Ouédraogo’s contract stipulates that it will turn professional as soon as he turns 18 in May 2024. Moreover, it includes a release clause,

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